Jan 7, 2021 : I have an upcoming exhibition with Mark Christopher Gallery in Toronto opening this coming May 2021. Over the last fifteen months or so, but especially since the beginning of Covid-19, I have been painting around the ideas of radical self-acceptance versus the constant pressure to improve yourself. Its been fun!

Dec. 8, 2020 : I have recently been awarded a 2020 Visual Artists Support Fund Grant from the Toronto Arts Council. This grant money will support a research project culminating in some paintings and a small artists book centred around the history of psychics in Toronto. The project is very much in its nascent stages, but I am starting off with a look at the demographics and history of what brought the booming psychic industry and sub-culture to Toronto. I have always been interested in art as anthropology, so this will dovetail nicely as well as be a an opportunity to get a little outside of my wheelhouse.